Peer Review Process

The Editor-in-Chief makes sure all manuscripts meet the journal guidelines as prescribed in the author’s guidelines. Manuscripts may be rejected without peer review by the Editor-in-Chief if they do not comply with the submission guidelines or if they are beyond the scope of the journal. All manuscripts are first screened and checked for plagiarism using “Ithenticate” software.

Type of review:

Double-Blind Peer Review: In this type of review, both the author and the reviewers are anonymous to each other. This helps ensure unbiased evaluations.

Procedures in detail:


Authors submit their manuscripts through an online submission system.

Initial check:

The editorial office conducts an initial check for adherence to submission guidelines, ethical considerations, and basic formatting.

Editorial board evaluation:

The Editor-in-Chief or an assigned editor assesses the manuscript's scope, significance, and overall suitability for the journal.

Peer review assignment:

The editor selects appropriate reviewers based on their expertise in the subject matter.

Review process:

Reviewers evaluate the manuscript for its scientific validity, methodology, clarity, and adherence to ethical standards.

They provide detailed comments and make recommendations regarding acceptance, revision, or rejection.

Reviewers recommendations:

Reviewers submit their recommendations to the editor along with comments for the author.

Editorial decision:

The editor makes a decision based on the reviews and may recommend revisions, acceptance, or rejection.

Author revision:

If revisions are requested, the author revises the manuscript and submits a revised version.

Final decision:

The editor makes a final decision based on the revisions and reviewer feedback. 

Copy editing and publication:

Once accepted, the manuscript undergoes copy editing, and the final version is published. After a manuscript is accepted for publication, the author will not be permitted to make changes to the manuscript.

Number of reviewers:

Typically, two to three reviewers are assigned to evaluate a manuscript.

Flow Chart: