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Ain Shams Dental Journal (ASDJ) is an open access, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on a wide range of content including original scientific papers, review articles, and case reports on all aspects of the prevention, diagnosis and management of disorders of the mouth, teeth and gums.    

ASDJ published on a quarterly basis in English 4 times per year in March, June,  September and December. Authors submitting their work to ASDJ can expect a quick turnaround, with the average time from submission to receiving the first editorial decision being just five days. The review process at ASDJ is characterized by its speed and effectiveness, taking an average of 16 days from the initial submission to reach a final decision. This commitment to rapid review and decision-making ensures that authors receive timely feedback on their submissions. Furthermore, the journal is known for its rapid publication times, taking an average of only 30 days from the moment a manuscript is accepted to its appearance in the Early View publication. This enables authors to disseminate their research findings to the academic community and the public without unnecessary delays.

ASDJ's global reach is reflected in its diverse readership, which extends to over 175 countries. This international appeal underscores the journal's significance in the field of dental and oral health research, making it an excellent platform for researchers and authors seeking to share their work with a wide and varied audience.


Current Issue: Volume 33, Issue 1, March 2024, Pages 1-170 

Accuracy of Eyes of AI™ Artificial Intelligence Driven Platform for Lateral Cephalometric Analysis

Pages 1-10

Hatem Saifeldin; Juan Osorio; Mingze Xi; Barbara Safwat; Muhammad Rizwan Khokher; Shenghong Li; Mostafa S Ashmawy; Lobna Shalaby; Samuel Khela; Khoa Le; Sen Le; Dadong Wang

Evaluation of Impacted Mandibular Third Molars with CBCT: A Cross-Sectional Study

Pages 38-49

Ebtihal H Zain Alabdeen; Shadia A Elsayed; Ahmed M Sapri; Hadeer O Alruwaili; Monther Alsharif; Hanan Shokeir; Muath S Al-Assaf; Safa A Jambi

Efficacy of two different layer heights on the accuracy of 3-D printed orthodontic models

Pages 50-60

Kareem Shendy; Mona Abou El Fotouh; Tarek Ali; Sharaf Eldeen M. Abbas; Shaimaa Abuelsadat

Reliability of Artificial Intelligence in Lateral Cephalometric Analysis

Pages 61-71

Nouran Hesham Emad; Mostafa Saad Eldin Ashmawy; Sahar Mohamed Samir

Effect of two different surface treatments on implant stability

Pages 72-78

Loay Medhat Mohamed; Noha Helmy Nawar; Yasmine GalalEldin Thabet

Effect Of Surface Coating On Flexure And Roughness Properties Of Glass Ionomers

Pages 87-96

Noha Mohamed Abd El-kader Anany; Aya E Samaha; Hanan Abdel Aziz Niazi

Bond Strength of Artificially Aged Fiber Reinforced Composite Material. (An in-vitro study)

Pages 146-155

Zeinab Safwat Ahmed; Sarah Mohammed Abdel Moniem; Omaima Hassan Ghallab

Shaping Ability of Three Different Rotary Nickel Titanium Systems An In Vitro Study

Pages 156-163

Jihan Othman Ahmed; Tarek Moustafa Abdel Aziz; Abeer Abd-el hakeem el-gendy

The effect of cryotherapy on substance P expression

Pages 164-170

Esraa Mohamed Ibrahim; Tarek Moustafa Abdel Aziz; Maram Farouk Obeid

Indexing and Abstracting